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So, you want to know what the "real" SUNY Oneonta experience is all about? My Oneonta Life is the place to find out. Take a look around, and see what current students are up to. Submit your own photos, videos, poems and artwork, or ask a question!

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    This weekend as a part of Communication Arts Society and American Advertising Federation we presented an advertising campaign in NYC rebranding the Mary Kay company. We competed against 17 other schools in our district and it was a great learning experience and I got to meet professionals from companies such as Deutsch and Satchi & Satchi. Great job Canvas Agency and thank you to everyone who helped make this campaign a success!

    Posted on Monday, April 21st 2014

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    Students, faculty and alumni collaborated on a performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the historic Oneonta Theatre in September. Principals were played by Ryan Quinn ‘13 (Jesus); Dan DeVita ‘10 (Judas); Devon Simmons ‘08 (Simon); music faculty member Steve Markuson, (Caiaphus); and students Leigh Ann Muscarella (Mary), Jared Barton (Herod) and Cristián LaBoy (Peter).

    Steve Fabrizio, who studied at SUNY Oneonta in the ’80s and has returned to complete his theater degree after a successful career—including playing the role of Judas in a major national tour of “Superstar”—played the role of Pilate and coached the singers.

    SUNY Oneonta voice instructor Colby Thomas directed the show, and applied music lecturer Mark Pawkett led the rock band.

    Posted on Friday, March 7th 2014

    Members of the SUNY Oneonta senior class and student emergency squad make an overnight doughnut run to the nearest Krispy Kreme—more than 100 miles away in Clarks Summit, PA,—to bring back a U-Haul full of fresh doughnuts for a fundraiser on the campus quad. Senior class President Jimmy Johnston started the tradition four years ago and it has become one of the college’s most popular club fundraisers, with students, faculty and staff lining up for a taste of the trademark glazed doughnuts.

    Posted on Friday, March 7th 2014

    Student Teaching has been…



    At times, it has been overwhelming and nerve-wracking and scary and difficult. But overall, it’s great. I absolutely love my class and my students. My teacher I am working with is fantastic. All of the parents I have met so far have been very welcoming.

    I’m definitely in the right profession and it feels great!!!

    Posted on Monday, February 24th 2014

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